Association for the reconstruction of the St. Mary's Church in Chojna/Poland
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Association for the reconstruction
of the St. Mary's Church in Chojna/Poland, formerly Königsberg/Neumark


The St. Mary's Church will for a long time be a huge construction site. But from the first plans on it will be used as far as the state of the reconstruction will allow. The first services and concerts took place under the open sky, the birds sung, one could hear the cocks from the city and the dogs bark. During the first protestant service umbrellas were needed to protect against the heavy rain in the upper St. Mary's Chapel. Today, all visitors are protected by the roof and the windows. The church provides space for around 1000 people during events.

We are very grateful, that we could through our numerous activities realise our aims at least partially: The church has become an international, cultural and ecumenical meeting place, in which increasingly people from the Oder region and from far away meet, celebrate together and discuss. At the same time, visitors can step by step take part in the rebirth of the this fabolous building.

Our architect, Maciej Plotkowiak, said roughly during the ceremony for the topping out: "When I came into this church as a child, I only saw signs of war and desctruction, when I came as a student, I saw the remnants of this magnificent building, the gothic church of Brunsberg, and now I see a church, in which Germans and Poles, former enemies, sing and pray together!"

The restored Frauenkirche is the miracle of Dresden, that was praised all around the world! Also the St. Mary's Church is a miracle, the miracle of Chojna, the miracle of Königsberg/Neumark, for which we are grateful and for whose completion we commit ourselves.

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